South park trivia

south park trivia

Seit 15 Jahren begeistert die Animations-Serie „ South Park “ mit absurden Szenarien, tiefschwarzem Humor, messerscharfer Satire und. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments. Trivia. This is the first time the South Park Elementary Cafeteria has been. questions and answers about ' South Park ' in our 'Television Q-T' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information?. Mistakes In the classroom there is a poster of The Laughing Cavalier in the back wall in the class. In welchem Staat liegt der fiktive Ort South Park? Trey Parker and Matt Stone are big Star Trek fans and try to slip at least one Star Trek reference into each episode. Who delivers 'The Sword of a Thousand Truths' to the boys' characters in World of Warcraft? The Passion of the Jew - S8 - E3.

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Share On more Share On more Share On more Share On more More. Bist du ein South-Park Experte? Prove it by doing this quiz! Maischberger entschuldigt sich für "Fehler". South Park Quiz - Goth Kids. What is Cartman's weapon of choice when he is the hall monitor? Who is raped by Christmas Critters in Imagionationland? The announcer of the game show voiced by Dian Bachar announces their names before telling them about their prize, a trip to South Park. The show is animated using Maya, the same program used to animate Final Fantasy: Moses tells us this is how you kill a giant stone Abraham Lincoln. Head explodes, rats take his corpse. Der ultimativste South-Park-Test aller Zeiten! Maischberger entschuldigt sich für "Fehler". This is not the only occasion the letters change there! What must you sing to pass into Imaginationland? Stan's father Randy Marsh is first seen in "Volcano" but is not known that he is Stan's father at that point.

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As of South Park: The Musical aka Cannibal! He assumed it was because he wore her dress to an academy awards show years ago. Most of Cartman's lines are ad-libbed by Trey Parker , who has stated that Cartman is his favorite character on the show. Electrocuted by the hospital's emergency generator, rats freeze to him.

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